Stages at EGW


At European Games Week we will have a number of stages with many activeties and events that run through out the entire weekend. The stages will be spaced around the venue and will have their own unique theme to them!

Fortnite Stage

At the European Games Week we will be hosting a Fortnite stage where we will be holding community games with challenges over the course of the weekend.

Apex Legends Stage

At EGW, we will look at hosting the Apex Legends stage where we will set challenges and mission to players over the weekend.

Esports Stage

Once again we will be bringing back the esports stage to European Games Festival which is brought by and Raid Studios. The Esports Stage will feature the live finals for Hearthstone, Rocket League, Overwatch and Rainbow 6: Siege!

Streamers Stage

At European Games Week, we will have a streamers stage which will feature many streamers and influencers that will be playing games, doing challenges, doing panels and much much more!

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